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Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Bells

Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Bell players are required to audition for a spot in the ensemble.  Auditions take place during the summer before school begins (August).  Please be aware that sheet music for bass guitarists may be a Tuba part.  Guitarists will need to figure out the chords to some songs and write them over top of the bass guitar sheet music (which may be a Tuba part).  Bells typically have a Bell part or a Flute part.  Audio files are available for all audition pieces to ensure that you are on the right track.

Music Selection

  • UMBC Riser*
  • National Anthem*
  • Our UMBC*
  • 46 – Vehicle
  • 68 – Sir Duke
  • 101 – Safety Dance

*Memorization Required

Download the Audition Music

Audition music is available via STAMP.  If you are a new member and do not have a STAMP account, please e-mail us with your first name, last name, and UMBC e-mail address.  You will receive an e-mail when your account has been created.