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Equipment and Uniforms


Each band member will be assigned one uniform at no cost.  At the conclusion of the season, the member may keep the uniform to use in future years.  If a member quits the ensemble or does not earn at least 75 points, they are required to wash and return their shirt in like-new condition.  Those who do not return their shirt will be charged $20 on their student account, and will not be eligible to register for classes until the uniform fee has been paid.

Members must adhere to the DDDB uniform policy.  During rehearsals, students should wear comfortable clothes.  During performances, students should wear the under armour shirt and blue jeans.  For safety reasons, closed toed shoes are also required for all rehearsals and performances.  Students who do not follow this attire will be considered “absent” from the rehearsal or performance and will be asked to change into the correct uniform.


The majority of members must provide the instrument that they will be playing in the band.  Percussion and low-brass players may be able to utilize a limited supply of instruments owned by the school.  Students using UMBC owned instruments typically will provide their own hardware (drumsticks, mallets, or mouth pieces) and are responsible for the safety and operation of the instrument.

The majority of equipment available for student use is in excellent, like-new condition.  Students must fill out an equipment loan contract, which makes them responsible for the condition of the equipment.  At the end of the season, students will be responsible for any repairs due to neglect.  Failure to return the loaned instrument or pay to fix damages may result in withholding of grades and or deductions from the students stipend.

Our inventory currently consists of the following instruments

  • 5 Marching Snare Drums
  • 3 Marching Tenors
  • 7 Marching Bass Drums w/ Carriers
  • 2 Marching Cymbals
  • 3 Convertible Tubas
  • 1 Upright Tuba (on loan)
  • 3 Marching Baritones
  • 3 Mellophones
  • 2 Trombones
  • 1 Drumset
  • 1 Guitar Amp
  • 1 Bass Amp