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Attendance Requirements

Rehearsal Attendance

Attendance to rehearsals is mandatory for all members, regardless of their status (paid or non-paid member).  If half of the band does not show up, we cannot have an effective rehearsal.  In order to be flexible with your school and work schedules, band members may miss a maximum of two rehearsals and drumline members may miss a maximum of four rehearsals.  Band Camp is considered a mandatory rehearsal unless excused by the Director.  At the discretion of the Director, members who fail to meet the rehearsal attendance requirement may be removed from the ensemble and will be unable to perform and travel with the band for the season.

The Band and Drumline practice on Wednesday evenings from 8:00-10:00PM during the Fall semester (typically through the beginning of November).  DDDB members can not participate in the ensemble if they sign up for a class during the Wednesday night timeslot.  Please make sure your 8:00-10:00PM on Wednesday’s is free and pick an alternate section of any conflicting class.

The Drumline has an additional weekly practice on Sunday evenings from 7-9PM.  While the band stops rehearsing early-November, the Drumline will continue to rehearse on an as-needed basis during February and March of the Spring Semester.

Performance Attendance

Being in a music ensemble is a group effort.  If everyone shows up, our sound will be big and all parts will be covered.  If members don’t show up, it limits the songs we can play, affects our sound, and can be devastating to the morale of the group.  Band is a lot more fun when we sound our best!

The DDDB has an extremely flexible policy with regard to performance attendance.  Unless otherwise noted, members can miss any performance with no penalty, as long as they RSVP at least 48 hours in advance.  In order to stay in the group, members must earn a minimum of 75 points for the season, which equate to attending about 75% of Fall/Spring events.

During the month of January, the band typically performs at 6-10 winter basketball games.  These games are worth extra points to help you reach the 75% requirement!