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Get Paid to Play

Students who pass the audition and make the required amount of rehearsals are eligible to receive a stipend for each event they attend. Stipend amounts vary per year (depending on the budget) and depend on the type of event (rehearsal, pep rally, fall/spring game, or winter game). Dollar amounts per point are determined at the end of the season, and vary based on the budget, number of members, and days of travel. On average, members are paid between $3.00 to $3.50 per point.  In order for a member to receive a stipend, they must pass the audition and earn a minimum of 75 points (equivalent to about 75% of non-winter games). Members who do not make 75% of games will forfeit their stipend for the season.

For the 2018-2019 season, the average stipend was $498.68. The highest paid stipend was $713.00. The lowest paid stipend was $288.75.

We do not currently have numbers for the 2015-2016, 2016-2017, or 2017-2018 seasons.

For the 2014-2015 season, the average stipend was $448.71. The highest paid stipend was $708.50. The lowest paid stipend was $167.38.

For the 2013-2014 season, the average stipend was $374.28.  The highest paid stipend was $542.50.  The lowest paid stipend was $127.10.

Point Values

  • 1 Point – Rehearsals
  • 3 Points – Pep Rally/Short Gigs
  • 5 Points – Non-Winter Games
  • 7 Points – Winter Games and High Profile events


  • -1 Point – Late for Rehearsal/Pep Rally or Invalid RSVP Response*
  • -2 Points – Late for Game (downbeat) or Invalid RSVP Response*
  • -4 Points – Late for Game (halftime)
  • -Full Value – “No Show”**

*An Invalid RSVP Response occurs when a member doesn’t RSVP or RSVP’s to an event as “Not Attending” but shows up regardless.
**A “No Show” occurs when a member does not RSVP to an event as “Not Attending” and does not show up. Not only will the user not earn points for the event, but points will be deducted from their stipend.

It is easy to avoid most big deductions, you just need to remember to RSVP in STAMP at least 48 hours prior to the event.  Lateness deductions are non-discriminatory.  If you will be late to an event for any reason (class conflict, etc.), you will be unable to avoid point deductions (but you will still get credit for attending the game).  Members are responsible for signing in for rehearsals and games as soon as they arrive.  Attendance information is updated immediately and available for viewing in STAMP.  If the member notices any point errors or bad deductions, they must contact leadership ASAP so it can be fixed.

All band members who are eligible for a stipend will be added to UMBC Athletics Payroll as salaried employees of the State of Maryland.  New members will need to fill out a payroll packet and provide valid forms of identification (a social security card is required by UMBC in addition to any other forms of ID).  Band members who are on payroll in another department at UMBC will only need to fill out a single form.  This paperwork MUST be done by the end of the first week in October or the individual will NOT receive a stipend.