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Miscellaneous Topics

Band Camp
Each year, we host a one day band camp, scheduled the day before returning students move in. The camp is like an extended rehearsal, but also includes team building activities, sectionals, and food! For members who live far from campus, we send out a Google Form for you to request early move-in, and leadership will go directly to Reslife with these requests.

Band Room
Due to the RAC renovations this year, all of our stuff was moved to the Event Center. Due to the constant need to move in and out of the media storage room because of other events, it is imperative that equipment is kept organized.  Please help keep the storage space clean and put things back in their designated locations.  Under no circumstance should any member use a piece of equipment that does not belong to them, unless they have received permission from the equipment owner.

Due to the limited amount of storage space and constant need for moving, non-UMBC owned instruments must be carefully monitored by the owner. During the move to the Event Center, a bass amp and several drumline heads were lost, and since UMBC cannot be held responsible for personal equipment, replacements are forced to come out of the band’s budget.  Moving forward, if personal equipment is damaged or stolen while left in the band room, the owner will be responsible for replacing it.  If in doubt, please take non-UMBC owned instruments home.

Event Center
Please respect the Event Center!  The storage space should be left clean and as organized as possible.  If there are non-band-or-drumline items stored with our stuff, do not touch them.  Please make sure all music, stands, and instruments are locked in the storage space and not left in the hallway.

Music Binders
Most of our sheet music is available in digital format in STAMP. Do not take band binders home with you unless you receive permission from the director!

Students are expected to conduct themselves as representatives of UMBC when in public and to demonstrate good sportsmanship. Rude, sexist, or racial remarks as well as profanity will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with this will result in dismissal from the ensemble. Band members should strive to establish a culture that is spirited, exciting, motivating, and memorable for students, family, friends, fans, and alumni. This ensemble will comply with America East and NCAA conference rules.

Seating in the Stands
Due to seating arrangements in the Event Center, the section we play in is reserved for band and drumline members only.  Family, friends, and significant others are welcome to hear the band from a different section.

Members of the UMBC Pep Band are considered employees of the UMBC Athletic Department.  We are not considered student athletes, and thus are not eligible for things like early registration.  While the UMBC Pep Band is a musical ensemble, we are not funded or affiliated with the UMBC Music Department.  Our ensemble is open to both music and non-music majors, and many of our members participate in other music ensembles, such as the UMBC Wind Ensemble.  You can learn more about UMBC Music on their website,

Even though we are not affiliated with the Music department, no other ensemble at this school provides the amount of performance and travel opportunities that we do.

Award Ceremony
Our annual award ceremony is held each year in May and is run by student volunteers with guidance from the band director. The ceremony is a great way to celebrate our accomplishments for the year. The format of the event includes food/drink, slideshow, video, and awards.

The band, student directors, and the band director determine the recipients of each award. Descriptions of some of the awards are below…

  • Every student who attends at least 75 points will receive a superlative certificate
  • All seniors will receive a plaque.
  • Additional plaques/trophies include…
    • Student Director Award
    • Rookie of the Year
    • Mentor of the Year
    • Jari Jr. / Directors Award
    • Nicole Macey / Unsung Hero Award
    • Most Spirited Award

Traditionally, we will honor a special guest and present them with a plaque, including a photo of the band. Past guests include former provosts, coaches, and instructors.

Band & Drumline Forums
Each year, all members of the band and drumline are invited to an open forum to discuss the season.  Members suggest changes to the handbook and discuss positives and negatives of the season.  Additional feedback regarding the ensemble is welcome throughout the year via e-mail to or