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Drumline and Rhythm

The DDDD (Down an Dirty Dawg Drumline) was officially added as part of the band in August 2011.  In some ways, the Drumline acts as a separate group from the band, performing half time shows with other Spirit Groups (drum cadences).  Other times, the Drumline will perform alongside the band (Fight Song, All I Do is Win, and others).

Because of the uniformity required for the drumline, they rehearse both Wednesday and Sunday evenings.  In the end, the extra work pays off.  Drumline members typically make more money than band members, as well as get near-guaranteed placement for tournament travel.

For most songs, the Band will perform with the rhythm section, consisting of guitar, bass, and drumset.  During short timeouts, the rhythm section will sometimes have the opportunity to jam for 5-10 seconds.