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Home and Away Gigs

Local Events

Our list of performance is available both on this website and in STAMP.  The majority of our performances take place at UMBC Men’s and Women’s home basketball games.  Throughout the season, the band will play at other events, including soccer, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, pep rally, parades, and community events.  Our rehearsal schedule is typically posted in August, while our performance schedule is posted in October.  To get an idea of the number of events we play in a typical year, simply view the calendar on this website and scroll back to last season.

Tournament Travel

Traditionally, the band and drumline would accompany the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams to the America East Conference tournament.  This year, we will only be traveling to the conference final in mid-March if the team reaches it and is not hosting.  UMBC Athletics pays for hotel rooms (3 to a room), travel expenses, and pays members a per diem of $25 a day for food and beverage.  In the event that one or both of the teams wins the conference and/or makes it to the NCAA, the band will continue to travel in the same manner.

When traveling to the tournaments, there are strict conference rules that must be followed.  Additionally, there is a spirit group limit of 24 members and 1 director.  In light of these limitations, several factors will be taken into consideration with regard to who will be attending the tournament.   Instrumentation needs and attendance will determine the remaining students selected.

Tournament sign up will take place in February.  Members are encouraged to visit and put the tournament dates on their calendar.  Request off from work now and be sure to inform professors of the conflict.  The director will provide a note (to give to professors) for any band member who requests it.